Hiring a Photographer for your Proposal

Every couple is different, which means that every proposal is going to be different. There are endless ‘perfect’ ways to ask something that is so intimate. It’s completely valid to leave it between you and your partner. But with the influx of super cute social media posts, it’s hard not to join in. There is an undeniable pressure to post, and with that comes more and more elaborate, high-end proposals. I think of Youtubers like Safiya Nygaard and Tyler Williams, who vlogged and posted their proposal at Disneyland. Regardless of the fact that they film videos for a living, the actual vlog feels so magical, right up to the big moment. They have a whole team of people capturing the process and it’s so sweet. I love listening to stories of how people got engaged, and watching it happen is even better! Or, you have Youtubers like CodyKo and Kelsey Kreppel who made more of a story time video talking about him proposing to her. But with these influencers, posting their high-budget proposals complete with videographers and photographers, makes other couples feel the need to capture their special moment, too.

So why capture something so intimate? They now have something they’ll be able to hold onto and watch forever, something they can share and cherish. And something that can be posted online. Remember, finding a portrait photographer you love means finding a portrait photographer for life. We’ll be there for all the big moments, including engagements, weddings, maternity, and proposals if that’s what you want. I’m going to walk you through all the options when it comes to capturing the big moment, so you can plan asking the big question stress-free.

Option 1: DIY

Last year, two of my best friends, Alexis and Seth, got engaged. They both love hiking and the outdoors, so Seth chose to propose on a hike up Mt. Willard in the White Mountains. He proposed in April, and we had preliminary plans to go as a group to make sure that someone would be able to get the picture of it happening. Life got in the way though, and my friends did the hike alone. Ultimately, I’m glad it was just the two of them. They still managed to get some gorgeous pictures, but were also able to hold that moment for just the two of them. Seth decided to focus on that moment to make sure Alexis was surprised. The pictures are pretty, but more than that, they’re personal. Alexis and Seth are proof that you don’t have to worry about getting professional photos or videos of the proposal; they’ll always have something to look back on when they want to remember that day.

Option 2: Get a Photographer for a surprise

We often work with a DJ company called Get Down Tonight. Their office is right across the hall from us, and our photography team loves their DJ team. That’s why, when GDT staff Nick and Jess got engaged this fall, Paul, our studio owner, was there to capture it. Nick proposed at one of our favorite venues, Searles Castle, staging a tour for his soon-to-be fiancée Jess and their parents. Little did they know that Paul Streeter was hiding in the bushes with his camera, ready to capture everything. And he did just that! Paul was there to capture every moment, including when Jess jumped into Nick’s arms and the moment she turned toward the camera and noticed Paul. In this situation, the photography aspect was a complete surprise in addition to the surprise of being proposed to. This gives the pictures a completely candid vibe. There’s no posing and no pressure to look perfect for a camera. The whole thing was still captured and given to the couple, leaving them to decide whether to share it or not. They have this beautiful, moment captured professionally to look back on forever. 

Option 3: Lie to your partner

I’m joking (sort of!). The third option is to disguise the proposal as a professional photography session. Perhaps say you’ve won a drawing for free pictures and you can’t pass it up. This was the ruse a client of ours used to capture their special moment. When the day came, our client was so excited to propose. The couple looked gorgeous and the fiancé-to-be was completely thrown off. During the shoot, Paul was casually asking questions like, “Are you married?” Her now-husband took that moment to actually propose. She was definitely surprised and they were able to capture gorgeous pictures.

There’s no right or wrong way to propose. If your partner happens to hire a photographer for the occasion, it means you’ve got a pretty special, very romantic person on your hands. But the intimacy of the two of you together is just as important and romantic. When hiring a professional photographer for the proposal, just be sure to keep the following in mind:

  1. Try not to make it obvious: either have your photographer hide or tell your partner the photos are for something else entirely. Be sure to think up a smart, plausible story ahead of time.
  2. Work out a cue with the photographer to avoid any awkward moments or premature shutter sounds. 
  3. Relax, and be yourself! Chances are if you’re proposing, you’ve already discussed marriage with your partner. Take deep breaths and remind yourself: everything is going to be okay!

With all that in mind, the only thing left to say is good luck! We’ll be right behind you every step of the way.


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