Unique Ideas for Table Centerpieces

You can be sure that your NuView photographer is going to capture every moment of your day: flowers, rings, dresses, everything. That’s one of the reasons why focusing on all your details can be so important. Of course, wedding planning can easily become overwhelming and, with sites like Etsy, it feels like everything must be customized. But don’t stress: we’re here to help.

If you want your wedding to feel like you, focus on the little things like menus, decorations, and table decor. I know, it may sound silly: “how on Earth is a centerpiece supposed to reflect my relationship!?” But with all our years of experience, we’ve seen some really amazing and creative ideas that newlyweds have come up with to make their day extra special. We’re hoping that some of these can help you brainstorm your own ideas.

Use What You Love

One of the best ways to make your wedding feel like you is to simply use what you love. Was your first vacation together to Yellowstone? Theme each table around a different national park. Did you and your husband-to-be bond over hiking? Consider using mountain cutouts as table markers. Does your wife-to-be love reading? Use thrifted books as stands for your floral centerpieces and open books with their ‘chapters’ as the seating chart.

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

Flowers are a huge part of the wedding day – bouquets and boutonnieres are just the beginning – and you’re going to want to work with a professional florist. We’ve seen so many beautiful centerpieces, and they can really go a long way in making the reception space feel more unique. They tie in the colors and generally brighten things up, not to mention they make for amazing keepsakes. I’ve had brides in my life who got their flowers preserved as ring holders or a pressed glass bouquet to keep everything looking lively.

Another important thing to remember is that you can use different flowers for your centerpiece than your bouquet. A friend of mine is planning her August 2024 wedding right now and adores hydrangeas. However, since hydrangeas dry out nearly immediately when they’re out of water, they’re not ideal in a bouquet. Her florist help advise her to use the hydrangeas for her centerpieces because they can sit in the water on the table and look beautiful for the entire day. If you also love flowers that need a lot of water, consider choosing flowers in similar colors (in my friend’s case, the pinks and blues of the hydrangeas) for your bouquet, and leaving the water-dependent flowers for your centerpiece.

Show Everyone Who You Are

This day is all about you and your spouse. So why not really lean into that? We had a couple bring all three of their beautiful dogs to their wedding, so they made the tables represent different dog breeds. In addition to being ridiculously cute, it also added a personal (paw-sonal? Too far?) touch to the special day!

I think my all-time favorite table setting has been a couple that used their baby and childhood pictures to decorate their tables. The marker for table one has pictures of the bride and groom as one-year-olds, side by side; table two has pictures of the bride and groom as two-year-olds, and so on. It is so sweet to see how the bride and groom grew up side by side, even though they didn’t meet until later in life. Of course, this isn’t an ideal set up for small weddings (one of my friends pointed out that her pictures would have to stop at age eight, since her wedding is only using eight tables) but it is a sweet and personal touch either way.

Remember, no matter what you choose, we’ll be sure to take a picture so you can remember it forever.

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