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We all love Pinterest, there’s no use in hiding it. It’s a wonderful way to begin preliminary planning on your wedding. There are countless boards with countless pictures, all there to inspire you! That’s part of the wonder of Pinterest: there is seriously something for everyone. Every bride, every groom, every non-binary spouse can imagine their dream wedding and build it all on Pinterest.

As photographers, we’re especially grateful for all the beautiful examples of wedding photography that the site is home to. Those pictures can be used to build your dream wedding. After all, if there are shots that you’re in love with, you should share them with your photographers. We’ll do our best to recreate it for you.

Of course, like most social media sites, Pinterest has its pros and cons. For example, there are just some pictures that are not authentic, that cannot be recreated naturally. We know how much brides adore those first kiss pictures, when the photographer is situated behind the couple at the altar, shooting out into the crowd to capture the reactions of all the guests. And who wouldn’t? Those pictures are charming, and such a special memory to be able to share with guests. But, in reality, those pictures are staged. For a first kiss picture, we’ll be in the aisle, facing the couple like the rest of the crowd, shooting in a manner that will capture only the newlyweds. Second photographers will get the kiss from other angles, but we never position photographers on either side of the couple, as that would ruin both shots. In order to take that first kiss reaction picture then, we actually have to use a second kiss and have the crowds try to recreate their initial reactions. Still makes for a wonderful photo, but it may not feel authentic.

That’s not to say that staged photos are bad. In fact, we love them! Especially when we take formals with the wedding party (fun, over-the-top reactions to the couple kissing are often our favorites!) You may be asking, aren’t all photos staged? And the answer is to some extent, yes. We’ll come to you with an idea of poses, but we welcome your suggestions, too. Ultimately, we can put you in positions that will look good, but we cannot control your pretty faces. Think of first looks: we position the couple, but we don’t ask you to make a certain facial expression. Truth is, the most authentic pictures are often the messiest. Genuine reactions can range from full on crying to blinking away tears to head-back, full belly laughing. Not all couples and guests want to see these sillier pictures. So we try to give a fair balance of real and staged. What we don’t want, however, is to give you staged reactions. We try to stay true to the day, so that you can always remember it accurately.

So then, why use Pinterest? Like we mentioned earlier, it’s a wonderful tool for preliminary wedding planning. But it’s also a good way for us to get a general idea of what you’re looking for, your style. Every person, and, by extension, every wedding, is unique. Different social media platforms have introduced us to countless different ‘aesthetics,’ both for everyday life and for weddings. I decided to choose some of the most popular, and compile them into different Pinterest boards. This way, you can see first hand what, exactly, is so helpful about Pinterest. And, if you love any of the ideas, you can let us know! Or, if you have your own boards, share those with us, too. We want to get to know you– your style, your taste, your dream wedding day– so that we can help make it happen. We want pictures that will reflect not only your big day, but your unique aesthetic that makes this wedding stand out as yours.

Follow this link to find our pinterest boards for the following wedding vibes:

  • Autumnal – Cute and cozy, all the warm colors and pumpkin and apple treats!
  • Beach – A wonderful summer theme that keeps things fresh without being cliche
  • Celestial – An ethereal wedding full of stars and planets (is it too corny to say out of this world?)
  • Cottage Core – A sweet and light wedding, made up of fancy hats and pretty flowers
  • Dark Academia – A dark and moody wedding for lovers of academia
  • Disney – For all our Disney lovers, made up of secret Mickey’s and princess dresses
  • Great Gatsby – A roaring party with 1920s cuts and black and gold decor
  • Rustic – Super trendy, full of barns and DIYs
  • Secret Garden – A whimsical and natural wedding full of greenery
  • Winter – Full of snow and glitter, blues are a must!

So keep using Pinterest and, please, share them with us! We want to get to know you and truly understand how you want your wedding to be captured and preserved. Maybe we’ll start posting some of our own photos that you can pin!


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