Planning a Wedding During COVID-19

As wedding photographers, we work with brides and grooms under the best of circumstances to help them plan their perfect day. With the anxiety many people are experiencing due to the coronavirus pandemic, we wanted to share our best tips for planning a wedding during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Ask Your Vendors A Lot of Questions

Don’t be afraid to call or email your vendors to ask about their policy in terms of rescheduling your wedding due to COVID-19. You’ve already been in regular contact with your photographer, caterer, DJ, and other venues so should not feel any inhibitions to reach out again. Confirm with your vendors and venue they have a flexible date change policy—most of us do.

Keep In Touch With Your Wedding Guests

If you’re keeping your wedding date, let your guests know everything is still a go. And if you’ve decided to postpone and reschedule, let your guests know; especially if you have friends and family making out-of-state travel plans and overnight arrangements. Communication is key.

Stay Local

If you choose to continue on with your wedding, keeping the wedding local will help with guests attending. Many people are not flying and staying in hotels which will reduce the number of guests you have in person. However, you can plan to go live on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Zoom so guests who can’t attend can still take part in your wedding day.

Get Married, Postpone the Reception

Many couples get married and choose to have a reception weeks or months later. Because of coronavirus, it might make sense to separate the two events for you. Don’t postpone the official marriage, but then throw one big party down the road where everyone can safely and happily celebrate together.

Update Your Registry

While you’re spending so much time at home, now is a good opportunity to think about your registry and what you really need. If you’ve been baking bread in your oven like everyone else on the internet perhaps you can remove the bread oven from registry.

Consult a Professional

Give us a call or shoot us an email—we’re here to help. We’ve photographed hundreds of weddings and are ready to assist you in planning a wedding during COVID-19. And we look forward to photographing your wedding and capturing your special moments.

When Is Your Big Day?

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