Pull the Plug on Plugged-In Weddings

As photographers, we are as obsessed with capturing all the perfect moments of your big day — first look, first kiss, first dance — just as you are. We want to make sure these memories are something you can look at and hold on to forever. Our special talent allows us to stay out of your way while also finding an array of different positions to get the best shots possible (check out our instagram @nuview_photography to see some of our work!) However, this has become increasingly difficult due to wedding photographers’ mortal enemy: the smart phone.

Don’t get us wrong, we love our smartphones. And we love that they make photography accessible. What we don’t love, however, is when moms and dads and aunts and uncles jump into the aisle as you’re walking down to snap the picture you hired us to capture. There have been several instances wherein family members physically stepped in front of us while we were taking that really great shot.

Believe us, we understand – weddings are exciting! Weddings are days built solely to celebrate love, surrounded by the people who love you and everyone wants to capture those memories. But no one should be worried about taking pictures except us. This is your opportunity to tell your guests to unplug, enjoy themselves, and focus on the day. Not only could guests get in the way of a photographer’s shot, they could be disrespecting your desire for everyone to remain present in the moment and really feel all the feelings firsthand, not later, through a screen.

An unplugged wedding is one in which the couple instructs their guests to put away any and all electronics, especially cell phones. We strongly recommend telling your guests to unplug. Not sure how to enforce that rule? Here are some suggestions!

  • Have a strict phones-off policy. We expect it at a movie theatre. Why not at your wedding?
  • Include adorably designed signs that match your wedding theme instructing guests to keep phones put away.
  • Ask your officiant to make an announcement at the beginning of the ceremony asking everyone to put their phones away and enjoy the moment.
  • Due to society-wide cell phone addiction, there are many public spaces designated as ‘phone free.’ Why shouldn’t your wedding be phone free, too? Ultimately, weddings are meant to celebrate love with those you love.
  • Make a deal: no phones during the ceremony, but it’s okay to use them at the reception. Hopefully guests will be too busy eating, drinking, dancing, and celebrating to even remember their phones.

And if none of that works?

  • Threaten them. First person to take out their phone is paying for the honeymoon! (We’re totally kidding.) (Or are we?)


Your NuView Photographers want to keep your day special for everyone. We love capturing those amazing moments and memories that tell the story of the big day. Unplugged weddings are becoming more and more popular. We urge all our couples to have an unplugged wedding so that your guests can enjoy your wedding firsthand.

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    Callie is a contributor of all facets at NuView Photography. Along with writing articles for NuView, she works with customers, organizes events, and keeps everything moving along. A writer by day and a reader by night, Callie logs at least 100 books a year.