Riding In Style

There are many tiny decisions that make your wedding day unique. We’ve seen wedding cakes made to look like legos, grooms who wear Star Wars insignia cufflinks, and brides dressed as plague doctors for a first look (check out our previous post for pictures!) You get to personalize your dress, your venue, your menu, everything. And we mean everything!

One thing that often gets overlooked is transportation; after all, some couples choose to have their ceremonies and their receptions at different venues. Plenty of our couples have had amazing transportation, both to and from their weddings, and we want to share some of our favorites with you!

You may be wondering, “Why? No one’s going to see how I’m getting to the wedding.” But the truth is, we can get some pretty amazing photographs using vehicles as props! Do you have an affinity for vintage cars? We will take plenty of pictures of you and your spouse posing in front of one. Want to wow your guests with a fairytale entrance? We’ll be sure to capture all the majesty surrounding you in a horse and carriage.

Ultimately, modes of transport are just another important detail in creating the YOU-ness of your wedding day! And those are the memories that we’re here to preserve.

Limos truly are what you make of them. They’re a surprisingly versatile vehicle, and thus can fit many different wedding themes. No matter what, the exterior of a limousine makes for a great backdrop. We love shots of everyone lined up along the length of the car, showing off your gorgeous wedding party. And the interior of limousines can call for just as many photo ops! Limousines are very effective in capturing a memorable moment for everyone to look back and smile on.


Horse and Carriage
You know what they say: Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage. And there’s a good reason for that. If your venue allows for a horse and carriage ride, it is always a crowd pleaser. Couples faces always light up when they see the horse and cart approaching. Plus, once the ceremony is over, the newlyweds get to climb back in and ride off into the sunset, taking a lovely ride to the reception. We always stop for pictures along the way.


Have you ever taken a trolley ride before? It’s delightful getting driven around in an open vehicle surrounded by large windows. You get to watch the world outside, feel the wind and the sun. It’s so much fun! Now imagine getting to do that surrounded by your friends and family on your wedding day. We love seeing wedding parties in trolleys. Groomsmen and bridesmaids can stick their heads out of the windows and wave, creating such a sweet shot that everyone can cherish. Trolleys are special and the pictures that they create are gorgeous. Not to mention that trolleys are not nearly as common as limousines or other cars, creating pictures that scream ‘you!’


Our studio is based in New Hampshire, which is the state with the second highest motorcycle ownership in the United States. Laconia hosts a motorcycle week every summer, and there are countless routes designed for riders to take a trip around our beautiful state. That’s why we love our bike couples. Not only do motorcycles create unique and memorable pictures, but they’re also really cool to look at. Many people don’t expect a couple in their finest wedding day attire to ride off on a Harley, and it adds something special to the day (and to pictures!) We’ve seen our fair share of motorcycle couples, and needless to say, they always have fantastic pictures. If you’re passionate about your bike, let us know! We want to use it to create something special that you can treasure.


Vintage Cars
How can you not get excited when you see an old punch buggy on the side of the road, a classic muscle car on the highway, or a genuine Volkswagen from the 1960s in someone’s driveway? They’re exciting, and oftentimes vibrant, and can create some of the most beautiful pictures. It’s a special sort of photo, one combining the new– 2022 brides– with the old– classic cars from the previous century. This creates a beautiful and timeless look, and you get to ride around in a car that will turn heads. You deserve to be the center of attention on your special day, and a car like this will ensure all eyes are on you!

Now, we don’t want to brag, but one of our brides has a little claim to fame: she appeared on TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress.” This bride had a home wedding, and while we were taking pictures, a neighbor offered to drive over his supercar for the newlyweds to pose with. The pictures came out so wonderfully that we have one hanging on our office wall! Want to see it for yourself? Set up a consultation and come down to visit our office; we’re more than happy to show you!

Let’s not forget; riding in style is not exclusive to your wedding day! Do you still have that car from your first date? Or that motorcycle you two bought together? Bring it with you to your engagement shoot! We’re more than happy to include it in pictures.

Everything about your wedding is about you. We’re here to give you pictures that remind you of how special this time is, pictures that feel like you. Anything you have that shows off your personality is something we embrace with open arms. From the traditional to the romantic, the bold to the vintage, we love all our brides and grooms, and we’ll go out of our way to prove that to you with the best images possible. Your style is our style, especially when it comes to transportation. Because let’s be real: there is nothing cooler than a bride in a full ball gown on a motorcycle.

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