TikTok Wedding Trends & Photo Hacks

Let’s be real– weddings can be stressful! There’s so much to do, you’re working on a timeline, and you have so many decisions to make– cake, photographers (hey, that’s us!), venue, dress, bridesmaids, and so on. It’s a lot. And it feels like trends are changing too quickly to keep up with; I know I’m always seeing new hacks and DIYs on my feeds. So, I looked on TikTok, curious to find any wedding hacks that I could share, and I found so much more.

More likely than not, your dress is going to get dirty during pictures, and that’s okay!

I know you’ve spent months finding the perfect dress, and then hiding it from your spouse and keeping it pristine for the big day. But there’s a high chance the dress will get dirty. I’m here to tell you that it’s okay! You’re going to be so happy and full of energy that your dress will be the last thing on your mind. If your reception is outside, there’s a chance the dress will pick up some dirt walking down the aisle, and the same goes for any pictures that we take outside. The good news is that the wedding director and photographer will work together to hide any obvious stains that arise and keep you looking your best.

Wedding dresses are so sentimental but there’s also a trend called “Trash the Dress” that fully embraces getting dirty on the big day. These photoshoots are sometimes the day of, following the reception, or the day after, and they consist of what the name suggests: brides trash their dresses in mud, water, or, as I saw in one TikTok, fire! Though we did recently shoot a wedding where two bridesmaids jumped into a lake fully dressed up, I don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure of shooting such a specific ‘trash the dress’ occasion, but we’d love the opportunity to see what it’s all about! The pictures and videos always look amazing. Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

Make Sure to Schedule Some Time with Your Partner

For a day designed to celebrate yours and your partner’s love, there is not a lot of opportunity to see each on the day of the wedding. Prior to the wedding, you’re each in your own places getting ready for the day, saving that moment for when you first see each other. While couples have that moment with the “First Look” trend (which I wrote a blog about) after that, there is a lot of hustle and bustle spending time with friends and family that have come to celebrate you, leaving little time with your partner on the actual wedding day. According to TikTok, there are a few ways to remedy this!

Schedule in down time. The best time to do this is immediately following the ceremony when the guests are enjoying cocktail hour. You and your new spouse can sneak away to a private room, usually the bridal suite, to relax and just enjoy each other’s company.

Another option is, prior to the ceremony, to schedule in private vows between just you and your spouse while you’re doing your first look pictures. This is such a sweet and intimate tradition, and your photographer can stand far enough away that they won’t hear your vows, but close enough to capture and preserve the memory.

Finally, I saw a TikTok about a ‘Final Dance.’ Much like the First Dance, this is a time for you and your partner to, well, dance. But in this case, guests don’t need to be there to see it. You can schedule it after everyone has gone home or go outside and dance by yourselves. This gives you a minute to be still, get grounded, and take in the fact that you’re married now!

Think Outside the Box for Wedding Decor

We love taking pictures of the details of the wedding: rings, guest books, table settings, everything. We want to make sure that the work you put into making this wedding what it is, is truly captured and remembered. Maybe you’re a DIY-oriented person, in which case creating your own floral arrangement from supermarket flowers gives you total control over the colors and fullness of each bouquet. It’s a great way to make sure that your flowers are one of a kind and make for beautiful pictures.

Another idea is to look for unique guest books. I recently attended a wedding where the ‘guest book’ was an old rotary phone. Guests would pick it up and dial in and speak into the phone to leave a message to the bride and groom. Afterwards, the messages were emailed to the bride, and we got to sit around and listen to everyone’s voices. It was such a fun idea, and it made for some interesting listening and lots of smiles.

If you’re a music-loving couple, set up old vinyl records on a table with a record player. Give guests a metallic sharpie to write their messages on the records. After the wedding, hang up and display in your home.

Every couple wants a huge fairytale send-off, but some venues don’t allow the sparklers that we so often see. I recommend looking for alternatives! Throwing flower confetti, waving ribbons, and blowing bubbles are all great ways to get guests involved without breaking any rules! And the pictures come out so beautifully.

Our last tip for an easy, cheap way to spice up your pictures is to utilize string lights! They can be found for five dollars at a craft store, and, when done right, create unforgettable images.

If I can offer some last words of advice, I’d say this: schedule time to touch up your makeup right before you walk down the aisle in case you cry at the first look, assign someone to keep you fed throughout the day, and, above all, take time to enjoy your wedding. The day flies by and is so full of big moments that it’s easy to lose track of time. All these ‘hacks’ are meant to keep your day stress-free so you can focus on what matters: celebrating with your special person.


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