Why You Should Use A Second Wedding Photographer

Planning a wedding involves many decisions; and deciding who to use for a wedding photographer is one the biggest. When couples hire me to photographer their wedding, I’m often asked if they should hire two wedding photographers. If your budget allows, the answer is yes.

A second photographer works with your primary photographer, me, on one your wedding day. A second shooter captures different angles, locations, and works with me on logistics to ensure you get the best wedding photos possible.

Images from Different Angles


The biggest reason I enjoy working with a second photographer is that we’re never standing next to each other capturing the same photograph. During the ceremony and reception you’ll notice us on different sides of the room. If you’re in a church, one of us may head up to the balcony or behind the altar. At the reception, one of us will be shooting a tight shot of the couple, while the other is capturing the couple and the crowd. A second photographer also gives me the ability to focus on more artistic shots that I wouldn’t focus on normally if I was the only photographer.


A Photographer with Each Wedding Party

Some of the best wedding photos are of the bride and groom with their respective parties preparing for the wedding. By using two photographers, each party will have a photographer with them prior to the wedding. It’s an opportunity to capture you getting ready for the wedding, laughing, and spending time with friends and family before saying “I do.”

More Photos


With two photographers, you’ll get more photo choices. As I take formal family photos, a second photographer can be snapping candids during the cocktail hour. You’ll also get more photos of the dance floor, guests at the ceremony, and behind the scenes images.

An Extra Set of Hands

Having a second wedding photographer provides me an extra set of hands throughout the day. I’m running around less and focused more on you. A wedding second photographer can set up and adjust lights, move equipment, and adjust dad’s tie, while I’m planning the shot.

Your wedding photos will last forever. You’ll look back on them time and again to remember your special day. As you’re preparing to make a decision about who to hire as your wedding photographer, we’d love to work with you.

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